Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and for once I have wrapped all of my presents and my house is relatively clean and tidy (enough for me anyway) and so I intend to enjoy the day with the boys while Mr L is in work. Where has this year gone? It has flown by. I think I say that every year.
I will be back in the New Year with a class for February and those promised limited edition kits and photos of projects galore. I just wanted to stop by and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year and to thank all of my customers for your support in my first year! It's been fun. Nadolig Llawen x


You really can't beat the cebeebies panto for getting into the Christmas spirit! Well done that and the annual viewing of DIE HARD. Merry Christmas to all!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas nonsense update

Not really scrapbooking related but I am singing carols in my best funky Christmas jumper this Friday where I work.. Which is top secret. If you seriously. Any tips to wow the choirmaster most welcome. MR L

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Howdy scrapper dappers!

MR L here.!

I've dropped into the blogsphere to say hello and to offer thoughtful comment on the scrapbooking cosmos, Being married to a scrapbooker has opened my eyes to a whole new and overwhelming world of papers and machinery, blades and mats, braids and embellishments. I'm here in a technical capacity to start with {I'm writing this on my Nexus 7} but am going to be gently immersed into the scrapverse to start updating this here blog with tit bits and wedges of delicious scrapness.
Please don't be shy and drop by to say hi!

Catch you later



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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I really must apologise for the length of time that I have left between posts of late. Life is manic enough as it is with two little boys but we have been having some difficulties with our eldest and of course anything else goes by the wayside. I have made some early New Years resolutions and one is to keep my blog updated more often and so to ensure that you have some interesting things to read in between class updates I have, sensibly or not, asked my other half aka Mr L to come and chat with you all. He shall be along later to introduce himself!

I will also be posting some pictures of the little projects that I have completed using the remnants of the file box class. Just to show you what you could do with your left overs.

My next class is scheduled for February time so keep looking back for more information on that too.

Speak soon
Amber :-)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My goodness where did September go?  I can't believe it's the 1st October tomorrow, which can mean only one thing... it's the Doodle Deux file box class!!!  Wo Hoo!!

Just thought I'd post a little reminder in case any of you have forgotten during the weeks that we have had it booked.  It seems like an age ago that I took the bookings and now here it is. 

As usual we will be kicking off at 6pm in the Graig Community Hall, Bassaleg with tea, coffee and biscuits then straight on with the project.  Tomorrow night is part 1 of a 2 part class with part 2 on the 15th October.
Looking forward to seeing you all

Amber :-)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Doodle Deux File Box Class

I hope that you are all enjoying your summer, we've had a few sunny days in amongst the wet ones here in Newport.  The London 2012 Olympic games has been and gone and it seems as though September and the new beginnings that come with it are fast approaching.  I get really excited at this time of year.  I love the buzz of people getting ready for a new year at school and the realisation that christmas is nearer than you think.  Which brings me nicely on to the subject of my post;  my new class.  It would make a lovely christmas gift for someone special.  (see what i did there) :-)
The Doodle Deux File Box class is a beautiful box with a fold out lid containing 3 mini ring binder albums.  This class is a whopper!  It's going to take some time so I have allocated two 3 hour slots for it.  Part one will be on Monday 1st October, 6pm til 9pm and part two will be on Monday 15th October also 6pm til 9pm.
As we will be making the box from scratch as well as decorating the folders and creating pages the kit is pretty epic and so I have provided 2 price levels for you to choose from.  The first will enable you to create the box and the folders minus some of the embellishments.
This kit is priced at £35.  

The second kit is the all singing, all dancing kit which contains full packets of all the extra embellishments; Prima Doodle Deux Flowers, Wooden Buttons, Journal Cards and Chipboard Stickers.  This kit is priced at £53.

I have had a great response to this class already and so I only have 4 places left.  If you would like a place please email me to reserve your spot.

I'm off to bed now to get my hours sleep in before the baby wakes me up, grrr.

Amber :-)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Class for Scrapbus Crop

Here is my latest class which I will be teaching at the scrapbus crop next saturday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How Hot?

Oh my goodness it's hot! and I'm not talking about the latest Echo Park releases (although they are fabulous!).  Where did all this wonderful weather come from?  It's certainly made the dragon hunting a lot easier.  My eldest has been busily snapping pictures of the floors next to the dragons for 4 weeks now and has managed to capture 35.
Well with the Olympics getting off to a great start with team GB winning the first event in Cardiff and the long awaited sun making everyone run out and buy up all the rolls in Tesco (other supermarket chains are available), It has begun to feel very summery.  It has however meant that the boys don't see any reason to go to sleep at a sensible hour and by sensible I mean anything before 11pm!...anything! which has made it very difficult for me to complete my limited edition kits that I promised you last month.  I can't believe that it is almost time for the scrapbus crop again.  Where are the weeks going?  Just to give you some idea;  I am working on 2 mini books that fit into tobacco tins, again using the Echo Park This and That collections.  They are really cute, if I do say so myself and will be perfect for brag books.
I did however manage to complete my class layout for the crop and I'll be posting a pic of this on the scrapbus blog in the next few days.  It was one of those layouts that I struggled with and almost binned several times but pushed on through and it's now one of my favourites. 
Well that's all for now, I just wanted to check in with you all, to let you know that I hadn't fallen foul of my huge pile of unfinished scrapbook pages.  I'll keep working on the limited edition kits and who knows they may even be ready for next week :-)


Monday, July 2, 2012

Long time, no speak...

Apologies for my absence.  That little thing called "life" just keeps getting in the way :-)  Adding to that I couldn't remember my login details (not as stupid as it sounds, Google, having taken over pretty much everything on earth, has complicated my login with Google plus.  I can't figure it out for the life of me.  That said I'm logged in, for now, and blogging, albeit a little rushed due to an unscheduled bath time...long story!
Anyhoo... This weekend saw the start of Newport Super Dragons 2 - The Invasion!  Ooooo
We were so excited to hear that they were returning.   The first Super Dragon event coincided with the Ryder Cup at the Celtic Manor and it was fantastic fun.  The buzz in the air was palpable and this year promises to be just as good if not better.  This time we have the 2 boys and our eldest is 2 1/2 and a lot more excited by things like this.   We got a sneak peak at some of the dragons by the riverfront on the weekend and the designs are top notch.  We're really looking forward to hunting some dragons in the coming weeks.  Here is a link to the website
In other news, it is the July Scrapbus crop this Saturday and I will be peddling my wares as always.  I'm currently working on 2 limited edition kits, 5 of each will be available.  I'm hoping that they will be ready in time for Saturday.  As soon as they're complete I will post the details on here for you to see.
That's about all I have the time for now, I'm off to clean a sick covered child!  Not my idea of fun, in case you were wondering.

Amber :-)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Well it's a beautiful morning here in Newport, we've been blessed with wonderful weather for quite a few days now.  We made the most of it yesterday by taking the boys to the beach and we had such a fantastic day out.

Lots of fabulous photos for me to add to my ever growing pile of photos waiting to be scrapped, who knows one day I might get around to doing them! :-)

Today I will be busily packing the kits ready for Thursday's class.  I do like packing kits, all that lovely stash mmm.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the kids will behave long enough for me to complete them today.

Well I have lots to do so I will get going now and update you again soon :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stash Update

Just a quick update to let you know that I have received my shipment of Krylon pens (just in time for Fiona's class in June) I have them in Copper, Silver and 18kt Gold.  These pens were huge a few years ago and have taken a back seat in recent years so it's about time that they were revived and given the glory that they deserve.
Also in; Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists in silver, gold and copper and a handful of Ranger Distress Inks. 
Due in any day; Black & Pinecone Versacolor Cubes and Lightening & Starlight Black Dew Drop Inks.

I told you I've been busy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Scrummy new scrapping stash and sick sons....

It's been a while since I last blogged so I thought I'd best check in with you all. 
This week has been epic!  It has seen Mr L start his new job (he looked rather dashing in his new shirts and ties) and the boys have been ill again!  this time with chicken pox!  Will the sickness never end? 
In amongst all of this crazy I've been desperately trying to finish a batch of wedding invites and matching envelopes and I've been busy ordering lots of new products for the shop in time for the Scrapbus 12 hour crop on the 2nd June.  You'll be pleased to hear that I have managed to get the orders completed and I have lots of yummy new products pouring in.
The Tonic Studios Super Trimmers are in so if you have requested one I have put this to one side for you.  Also re-stocked are the Tim Holtz Paper Distressers and scissors, Stix 2 Ultra Clear Tape in 6mm and 12mm widths and the Ultimate Adhesive Kits.  On top of this I have new tape runners, permanent and repositionable, that are refillable! also everyday double sided tape in fingerlift and non fingerlift and in 2 different widths plus a whole host of other products, re-stocks and new.

It's all very exciting and as soon as I have finished the wedding invites I will be powering on with some new limited edition kits that I have been planning. 

Amber :-)

Monday, April 30, 2012

May's Class

Well I'm back from a VERY wet holiday and we're finally emerging from our quarantine after acquiring a horrendous tummy bug while away!  2 babies with d&v is no joke, the mere sound of a cough has me running for a bowl and the washing....oh my goodness!  It's relentless.  Anyhoo, enough whinging. 

First things first I have had to reschedule the date.  The hall is being closed for deep cleaning on the 10th May and so I've had no choice but to move the date to Thursday 31st May. 

On to more exciting things; the book itself.  Mine is not as decorated as you guys will be able to make it.  This kit, like the last, is crammed full of exciting for you to be able to decorate it to within an inch of it's life. 

To complete it you will need your usual scrapping tools, brown ink and a ton of glue (I have used a combination of pva and double sided tape).

Looking forward to the 31st, see you all then :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Look at these...

Here are some of the books created at the April class:
Carole has swapped one paper and her book has taken on a whole new look
 I love the crisp look that Alison has created by using these two patterns together
 Judy has also personalised her book by changing one of the patterns
Fiona has tailored her book with the use of a different embellishment on the front panel

Thanks for sharing ladies.  It's lovely to see just how everyone has chosen to use their kit and to be able to share that with everyone in blog land.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Extra Extra.... :-)

~~~SOLD OUT~~~
I have ONE kit available for the mini book class that I taught on 29th March (please see earlier posts for pictures)  I have included a couple of pictures of the kit below.  The cost is £25 plus £2.95 p&p.  If you are interested please email me on:  It will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Limited Edition Kit Available

I have 4 kits available to create this mini book.  They will be available at the Scrapbus crop tomorrow and will be sold on a first come first served basis.  This is not a taught class but there will be a photo sheet, of my book, included in the kit.  They retail for £20.


See you all tomorrow :-)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What a great night!

I must apologise for the delay in writing this post.  Thursday seems a long time ago now but the whole lead up and then the night itself totally wiped me out and the weekend has come and gone in a flash and I haven't stopped to write about it.
I've been planning and prepping for thursday's class for well over 2 months now.  Ensuring that everything was just right.  I had a few little hiccups (a clashing audiology appointment and a crappy printer to mention a few) but on the whole the evening went very smoothly.
The classroom was a little cosy but it all added to the buzzing atmosphere of everyone busily crafting their little hearts out.  It was so nice to teach in that environment.
I just wanted to thank everyone that turned up, your support is very much appreciated, and to ask that when you complete your albums, if you're able to take a quick photo of it and email it to me, I'd love to post your finished albums on the blog for everyone to look at.

email photos to:

My next class will take place on Thursday 10th May, 6pm til 9pm at the Graig Community Hall in Bassaleg, Newport.   This class will be using the beautiful Echo Park This & That Graceful collection and we will again be creating a mini book.  I will post photos shortly.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mini Book Class 29th March 2012

I've been banging on about it for long enough and it's taken me a little while longer to produce than I'd have liked due to sickness... again! (My kids are little germ factories).  Anyway... here is the mini book that we will be creating next thursday;
You will need all your usual scrapping tools, brown ink and glue, glue, glue (I have used double sided tape, wet glue like PVA and glossy accents)

See you thursday
Amber :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sorry for the delay

Here are the photos of the kit.  There are few little bits missing that aren't included in the photos but this gives you an idea of the kit contents;
Double sided papers
 Alpha Stickers, Element Stickers and Embellishments
Coordinating plain pattern paper
 I'm really excited by this range of papers and can't wait to show you all the finished class.  We all love to get brand new products to play with and I'm no exception, I'm like a kid in a candy shop with all these kits around me, so I'm off to have a play!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exciting news...

...the materials for the mini book classes in March and May have been dispatched and will be with me tomorrow!  Woo Hoo!  As soon as they are in my hands I will photograph the kit for the 29th March class and pop a photo up on here for you to look at.  I shall then get going on putting the book itself together.  It's all so exciting I can hardly contain myself!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today began at 5.45am with 2 small children screaming in my face.  I should have realised then that I was on a hiding to nothing and I should have plied the kids with chocolate and tv and gone back to sleep on the settee but no!  I decided that today should be the day that we have a de-clutter or more to the point do our best to nuke the house in preparation for visitors next weekend.  To say that we have failed miserably would be an understatement! 
We managed to parcel the kids off for a few hours this morning which we used to great effect by taking everything out of our junk room and spreading it throughout the rest of the house...the hall, landing and stairs to be precise.  I live with a wonderful man, whom I love dearly however he has a small hoarding problem, although he is in denial about this. 
There aren't enough words, landing, hall or stair space to contain the sheer volume of crap that was retained in that teeny tiny junk room!
On top of this we stripped all of the beds and covered the kitchen floor and part of the hall in the washing that I have neglected of late in favour of starting a small business (you may have heard of it).  We loaded up the car for the tip and even managed one trip there.  We were just loading up for our second trip when the kids came back!  In a fowl mood!  Game Over! 
So now I'm left with a worse mess than I started out with and with no more day left to do anything.  How wonderful.
You know when you start a job that halfway through you're wondering why you bothered?  Well I'm at that point now :-)  So I'm thinking that our guests can sleep in the custom made nests of bedding on the kitchen floor and I'm sure that the piles of junk throughout the house will serve as sufficient entertainment for all the kids that will be trashing the house next weekend.  Where's the wine?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well what a launch!  Thank you so much to everyone who was at the Scrapbus crop yesterday, especially to the girls; Fi, Ju and Sue for being so great with the "2 little cherubs", I would have been in trouble without you :-) x
I was so humbled by everyone's response to my first class, taking place on Thursday 29th March at the Graig Community Hall.  It sold out so quickly.  In fact I have people on a stand by list!  If you have booked to come please could you forward me a £10 deposit to secure your place (the remaining balance can be paid on the night).  You can email me on: and I will let you have my address details.
I'm just waiting on the papers now but as soon as they arrive I will get right on with making up our project and I will post a picture right here to get you all excited before the big day.
Once again a huge thank you for your support.  I'm looking forward to what the future holds for 2 Little Cherubs :-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Excited...

A few weeks ago I started the 2 Little Cherubs blog and twitter feed as an answer to boredom whilst feeding the baby.  I had lots of thoughts and ideas surging through my newly pregnant free brain and one thing quickly led to another and today I am really excited to announce that 2 Little Cherubs has become: 2 Little Cherubs: papercraft supplies, kits and classes. 
Although it's still very much in its infancy it will be making its first appearance at the Scrapbus crop this Saturday 3rd March 2012. 

I look forward to seeing you then.

Amber x

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feeling dreadful

I've been living in a sick house for about 6 weeks now, both the boys have been ill at some point or another and this week has been Mr L's turn.  He has been so poorly, bless him, with tonsillitis.  He's even been too ill to look for sympathy!  Then yesterday I had an aching head, then my back started to twinge.  By tea time I was sat on the sofa shivering and sweating all at the same time.  It's at times like these that I wish I could be selective about being a parent.  It would be rather nice now to not have to look after 2 small very energetic boys.  Life goes on though and parenting isn't selective so with a pounding head and an aching back and throat I continue to say; yes dear, those Thomas the Tank wellies do look lovely on your hands instead of your feet and i'm so happy that you're performing "River Dance" on my back, in said wellies, whilst I'm changing your brothers un-humanly pooey nappy!
Having said all this my eldest, who is 2 now, sat in bed with us this morning running through his repertoire of animal noises with the biggest smile on his face.  I defy anybody, no matter how ill, to not melt at this.  Now if I could just train him to safely walk downstairs, make the coffee and bring it to us in bed...

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Show

Well we're back! and judging by the driving skills I displayed at the petrol station on the way there, it's a miracle that we are :-) (Lets just say that I have proved cars drive better when their handbrakes are off).

The day began with a dream and I don't mean like Martin Luther King.  I dreamt about Tim Holtz, not in a "ooo Tiiim Holtz" way, he just happened to be in it.  It woke me and being rather sleepy I wanted to figure out what time it was, good job I checked as it was 7.05am and my alarm had been turned off by my darling son who had woken me several hundred times during the night (I won't bore you with the details.....yet) So off I rushed to the shower, stubbing my toe on the ironing board on the way. 

Sue arrived just after 8am and off we trundled to collect Fi.  Aside from the petrol station incident, which amused Sue and Fiona periodically throughout the day, the trip up was really easy.  The sun was shinning and it was relatively quiet on the roads.  We spent our time discussing products and ideas and speculating about what crafting celebs might be in attendance.

Here we are just prior to "Petrol Gate" with our bacon and egg mcmuffins (other breakfast providers are available)

To our surprise the car park was within the same postcode as the NEC and after a short walk we were there: Hall 12.  It's so lovely to see all the new products, that we've been hearing so much about, up close.  Colours are more vibrant, textures more texturey.  Of note: New Authentique...mmm, Glitz...really lovely, Jenni Bowlin and Echo Park and of course Tim Holtz branded products.

Tim Hutz (as I accidentally renamed him) was demonstrating his new distress markers at the Personal Impressions stand and I spied Sara Neuman (of Sara Books fame) watching him.  Fiona and Sue had an encounter with Dawn Bibby and we ate our lunch next to Joanna Sheen.

Speaking of celebs here is the man of my dreams at his demo stand.  

By lunch time we were starting to feel the trudging in our feet and backs so we retired to Weatherspoons for a light lunch.  We had a giggle about the violent menu which offered "hand battered fish and chips" and "torn chicken"  as we discussed our action plan for the afternoon.
The afternoon was spent networking and talking shop.  We were very focused until I lost the map.  It wasn't my fault, I was distracted by a small group of people destroying a stand full of inks, a bit like one of those scenes where you see someone take a can of beans from the bottom of the pyramid of tins.  They managed to bring the entire stand to the floor! including the stand itself....hilarious to watch.

Anyway, because of the mislaid map we had to take 5 to remember where we were heading so we stopped by the catwalk and watched some perky young ladies strutting their stuff whilst I emptied the contents of my bags on the floor in an attempt to find the damn map...I didn't.

Shortly after we decided that our bodies were too weak to continue on and our brains were a big pool of papercraft mush so we made our way home.  We stopped at Strencham Services to have coffee and cake to finish our day.

The day was a success.  We had fun.  The show was good and we have come away feeling inspired and fired up.

Now we're really looking forward to working with some of the products that we saw.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yay, it's time!  I'm off to the Craft, Hobby and Stitch Trade show (aka stitches) in the morning with Sue and Fiona.  Aside from the obvious hilarity that will ensue I'm really looking forward to seeing all the lovely products that old and new companies have to offer and to gather one or two of them to create delicious new projects for upcoming classes etc...
Watch this space, there will be some very exciting news very soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I hate hospitals.  Who doesn't?  Having had both my boys by c-section I have had a stay or two in them.  With kids it is inevitable that you will end up in hospital at some stage but because they are both so young and both close in age I feel as though I am at a medical establishment of some sort or another every other week and last week/weekend was no exception. 

This time it was the turn of my youngest.  He's been very poorly all week, I took him to the GP on Friday and he diagnosed him as a "Happy Wheezer".  Have you ever heard a more ridiculous term?  He gave him an inhaler and sent us on our way.  (It's quite concerning to be given an inhaler for a 4 month old).  Anyway, I did as I was told and dutifully gave him the inhaler (which he hated of course).  He didn't seem to improve but was holding his own until Sunday when he became limp and wasn't able to catch his breath at all.  So off to hospital we went. 

Whilst we were there he took a turn for the worse, he developed a rash, spiked a temperature.  and became so weak that several times I had to put my head right next to his mouth to check he was still breathing.  I always try to keep calm and strong for the kids but I must admit that I failed at this point.   

Throughout our time in the hospital there were 2 major incidents in A&E.  A 2 year old and a 1 year old had been rushed in by ambulance, in separate incidents, and the entire paediatric team were called away for several hours.  The department was being run on less than skeleton staff whilst the team were away.  When they eventually returned a few of the nurses were crying.  Sadly the worst case scenario had played out for the 1 year old.  Despite this tragedy and the obvious pressure that they were all under the staff were incredibly attentive and very concerned for my little one.  They were thorough with their tests so that when we were eventually discharged yesterday I felt confident that everything was going to be ok. 

The baby picked up almost as quickly as he had nose dived, much to my relief, and we were eventually given the diagnosis of Bronchialitis. 

In a time where everyone is rushed and hassled and seemingly has no time for anyone else, I saw a small group of people who worked so well together and took such care and pride over their work that I think my faith in hospitals has been restored, at least for now :-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Better late than never...

I've finally got my "difficult second layout" up on the scrapbus blog for saturday's class at the Graig Community Hall, Bassaleg.  You can view it here .  It's been a while since I taught twice in a day so not sure how it will go, especially as I will have the boys with me :-) Fiona and Julia had better be on the ball as my boys will certainly test their patience.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My newest project... up for your perusal.  It's my latest class for scrapbus.  It uses the fabulous Echo Park Times and Seasons range of papers and you can check it out here:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nevermind :-(

Scratch my last post, it all went out the window tonight in spectacular fashion!  Thank goodness for Jacob's Creek!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


For those of you who know me you'll understand how big a deal this is... both boys are asleep in their own beds! and it's not even 10 O'Clock.  Quick...where's the wine? :-)

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Scrappin' Gremlins have been to my house!

Before christmas I made a really cute little mini book to put photos of the boys in.  Do you think I can find it anywhere? I've looked in all the places that I would normally put these things in but it's completely vanished!  I was going to photograph it and put it up on the blog.  Oh well, you can look at my collection of Brads instead:

Project Post

I'm hoping to get one of my latest projects posted up later, if the boys will give me 5 minutes to sort the photos out that is.  We're having a lot of fun with nap times this week :-) Ah the joys of a two year old.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wow, what a day!

2 Little Cherubs.....  not today!  The boys were on form and have managed to bring both me and Mr L to our knees!  Lets just say that a glass of baileys over ice has never tasted so good.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ooo get me, I have a twitter account!
You can follow me: @2_LittleCherubs

Now all I have to do is figure out how it all works :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Since the birth of my youngest son in september I spend a lot of time surfing the net whilst i'm feeding him (most people would throw something on the telly but Cbeebies rules in our house and woe betide anybody that tries to turn that off!) So, in an attempt to stave off the boredom, I've decided to give this blogging thing a whirl.  So now I can bore whoever is brave enough to follow me, Ha!