Friday, March 23, 2012

Mini Book Class 29th March 2012

I've been banging on about it for long enough and it's taken me a little while longer to produce than I'd have liked due to sickness... again! (My kids are little germ factories).  Anyway... here is the mini book that we will be creating next thursday;
You will need all your usual scrapping tools, brown ink and glue, glue, glue (I have used double sided tape, wet glue like PVA and glossy accents)

See you thursday
Amber :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sorry for the delay

Here are the photos of the kit.  There are few little bits missing that aren't included in the photos but this gives you an idea of the kit contents;
Double sided papers
 Alpha Stickers, Element Stickers and Embellishments
Coordinating plain pattern paper
 I'm really excited by this range of papers and can't wait to show you all the finished class.  We all love to get brand new products to play with and I'm no exception, I'm like a kid in a candy shop with all these kits around me, so I'm off to have a play!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exciting news...

...the materials for the mini book classes in March and May have been dispatched and will be with me tomorrow!  Woo Hoo!  As soon as they are in my hands I will photograph the kit for the 29th March class and pop a photo up on here for you to look at.  I shall then get going on putting the book itself together.  It's all so exciting I can hardly contain myself!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today began at 5.45am with 2 small children screaming in my face.  I should have realised then that I was on a hiding to nothing and I should have plied the kids with chocolate and tv and gone back to sleep on the settee but no!  I decided that today should be the day that we have a de-clutter or more to the point do our best to nuke the house in preparation for visitors next weekend.  To say that we have failed miserably would be an understatement! 
We managed to parcel the kids off for a few hours this morning which we used to great effect by taking everything out of our junk room and spreading it throughout the rest of the house...the hall, landing and stairs to be precise.  I live with a wonderful man, whom I love dearly however he has a small hoarding problem, although he is in denial about this. 
There aren't enough words, landing, hall or stair space to contain the sheer volume of crap that was retained in that teeny tiny junk room!
On top of this we stripped all of the beds and covered the kitchen floor and part of the hall in the washing that I have neglected of late in favour of starting a small business (you may have heard of it).  We loaded up the car for the tip and even managed one trip there.  We were just loading up for our second trip when the kids came back!  In a fowl mood!  Game Over! 
So now I'm left with a worse mess than I started out with and with no more day left to do anything.  How wonderful.
You know when you start a job that halfway through you're wondering why you bothered?  Well I'm at that point now :-)  So I'm thinking that our guests can sleep in the custom made nests of bedding on the kitchen floor and I'm sure that the piles of junk throughout the house will serve as sufficient entertainment for all the kids that will be trashing the house next weekend.  Where's the wine?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well what a launch!  Thank you so much to everyone who was at the Scrapbus crop yesterday, especially to the girls; Fi, Ju and Sue for being so great with the "2 little cherubs", I would have been in trouble without you :-) x
I was so humbled by everyone's response to my first class, taking place on Thursday 29th March at the Graig Community Hall.  It sold out so quickly.  In fact I have people on a stand by list!  If you have booked to come please could you forward me a £10 deposit to secure your place (the remaining balance can be paid on the night).  You can email me on: and I will let you have my address details.
I'm just waiting on the papers now but as soon as they arrive I will get right on with making up our project and I will post a picture right here to get you all excited before the big day.
Once again a huge thank you for your support.  I'm looking forward to what the future holds for 2 Little Cherubs :-)