Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Class for Scrapbus Crop

Here is my latest class which I will be teaching at the scrapbus crop next saturday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How Hot?

Oh my goodness it's hot! and I'm not talking about the latest Echo Park releases (although they are fabulous!).  Where did all this wonderful weather come from?  It's certainly made the dragon hunting a lot easier.  My eldest has been busily snapping pictures of the floors next to the dragons for 4 weeks now and has managed to capture 35.
Well with the Olympics getting off to a great start with team GB winning the first event in Cardiff and the long awaited sun making everyone run out and buy up all the rolls in Tesco (other supermarket chains are available), It has begun to feel very summery.  It has however meant that the boys don't see any reason to go to sleep at a sensible hour and by sensible I mean anything before 11pm!...anything! which has made it very difficult for me to complete my limited edition kits that I promised you last month.  I can't believe that it is almost time for the scrapbus crop again.  Where are the weeks going?  Just to give you some idea;  I am working on 2 mini books that fit into tobacco tins, again using the Echo Park This and That collections.  They are really cute, if I do say so myself and will be perfect for brag books.
I did however manage to complete my class layout for the crop and I'll be posting a pic of this on the scrapbus blog in the next few days.  It was one of those layouts that I struggled with and almost binned several times but pushed on through and it's now one of my favourites. 
Well that's all for now, I just wanted to check in with you all, to let you know that I hadn't fallen foul of my huge pile of unfinished scrapbook pages.  I'll keep working on the limited edition kits and who knows they may even be ready for next week :-)


Monday, July 2, 2012

Long time, no speak...

Apologies for my absence.  That little thing called "life" just keeps getting in the way :-)  Adding to that I couldn't remember my login details (not as stupid as it sounds, Google, having taken over pretty much everything on earth, has complicated my login with Google plus.  I can't figure it out for the life of me.  That said I'm logged in, for now, and blogging, albeit a little rushed due to an unscheduled bath time...long story!
Anyhoo... This weekend saw the start of Newport Super Dragons 2 - The Invasion!  Ooooo
We were so excited to hear that they were returning.   The first Super Dragon event coincided with the Ryder Cup at the Celtic Manor and it was fantastic fun.  The buzz in the air was palpable and this year promises to be just as good if not better.  This time we have the 2 boys and our eldest is 2 1/2 and a lot more excited by things like this.   We got a sneak peak at some of the dragons by the riverfront on the weekend and the designs are top notch.  We're really looking forward to hunting some dragons in the coming weeks.  Here is a link to the website
In other news, it is the July Scrapbus crop this Saturday and I will be peddling my wares as always.  I'm currently working on 2 limited edition kits, 5 of each will be available.  I'm hoping that they will be ready in time for Saturday.  As soon as they're complete I will post the details on here for you to see.
That's about all I have the time for now, I'm off to clean a sick covered child!  Not my idea of fun, in case you were wondering.

Amber :-)