Monday, April 30, 2012

May's Class

Well I'm back from a VERY wet holiday and we're finally emerging from our quarantine after acquiring a horrendous tummy bug while away!  2 babies with d&v is no joke, the mere sound of a cough has me running for a bowl and the washing....oh my goodness!  It's relentless.  Anyhoo, enough whinging. 

First things first I have had to reschedule the date.  The hall is being closed for deep cleaning on the 10th May and so I've had no choice but to move the date to Thursday 31st May. 

On to more exciting things; the book itself.  Mine is not as decorated as you guys will be able to make it.  This kit, like the last, is crammed full of exciting for you to be able to decorate it to within an inch of it's life. 

To complete it you will need your usual scrapping tools, brown ink and a ton of glue (I have used a combination of pva and double sided tape).

Looking forward to the 31st, see you all then :-)

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