Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day!!!

And what a lot of snow it is too! I'd have done anything for this amount of snow when I was a kid. The opportunity to take our black bags over to Beechwood park to slide down the hills with practically every other kid in Newport, wearing our shell suits and ear muffs, coming back home soaking wet, more mud than child where we'd worn the snow out! Ready to eat our Heinz cream of mushroom soup whilst watching PJ and Duncan in Biker Grove. They were the snow days I like to remember.
Today's snow day has been spent, much like any other day, running around after the kids and trying to maintain an acceptable level of "chaos" in the house, all the while failing miserably and instead hiding in the kitchen with a cup of coffee however the difference today has been the addition of Mr L. Who has been home from work! Don't get me wrong, I love having him around and so do the kids but, BUT the "chaos" becomes somewhat enhanced when he is around. Add to that snow! and you end the day with a giant glass of baileys! Say no more.
It's not been all bad. Alright I may have broken the tumble dryer door in a small outburst of emotion but I am human and I had asked it to shut nicely three or four times prior to my final attempt :-)
In all seriousness, taking my sons out in the snow for the first time was priceless. Their little faces as they sunk their feet, legs and knees! into the snow, trying to walk and making themselves laugh because they couldn't! Feeling just how cold it was and realising that mummy really was right to insist on clothes! You can't buy that and the hour of stress to get them out for that five minute walk was definitely worth it. Tomorrow we're building a snowman!

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